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  • Close to 2 Years experience in the Software Industry. Working both on Frontend (ES6, React/Redux, RxJS) and Backend Technologies (Node.js, Scala, Play, Akka).
  • Experience designing, building and deploying well-tested, scalable and non-trivial software.
  • Looking to rapidly grow as a well rounded Software Professional.
  • Working and keeping up-to-date with related cutting edge technologies.
  • Open Source contributor.
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering

About Me

Work Status
US Permanent Resident
English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil

Career Journey

  • Aug' 16
    Moved to NYC
    Queens, NY
  • May' 15 - Jul' 16
    Software Engineer
    Indix Chennai, India
    Worked with the Engineering Tools team
    • Took end-to-end ownership in architecting and developing tools and systems that helped automate and outsource key parts of our data ingestion workflow for crawling and parsing product websites. (React/Redux, RxJS, PhantomJS, Node.js, Scala, Play)
    • Worked on adding Auth and Permissions Layer over a RESTful, Event-Sourced, Key-Value store application. (Scala, Akka Persistence and Play)
    • Worked on parts of the system metrics dashboard that would provide insights into the performance of our systems. (Scala, InfluxDB, JS, Geckoboard, HighCharts)
  • Dec' 14 - Apr' 15
    Indix Chennai, India
    Worked with the Data Ingestion Team
    • Writing site-specific crawlers and parsers in Scala and Javascript.
    • Familiarising myself with the softwares, tools and systems used within the various teams in the company.
    • Worked on adding features and fixing bugs to the crawler system and parsing tools.
  • Summer 2014
    Sasken Communication Technologies Chennai, India
    Developed a prototype Signal Processing Equalizer Application on the Android Platform for an Intensive Care Nursery that would help detect babies in stress.
  • Summer 2014
    Intern, Remote
    Matrebyte Bangalore, India
    Helped develop an admin web portal for their Cloud Network Management Service in Node.js.
  • 2015
    B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
    SRM University Chennai, India
    CGPA: 8.9/10
  • 2011
    Primary and Secondary Education
    St. John's Senior Secondary School Chennai, India
  • May' 1994
    Chennai, India

Technical Skills

Programming Languages
HTML5, CSS, Javascript(ES6), Scala, Coffeescript, Elm, Python, Java
Frameworks and Libraries
Play, Akka, NodeJS, React/Redux, RxJS, PhantomJS, Webpack
MongoDB, InfluxDB, MySQL
UX Design
Photoshop, Balsamiq Mockups, Pen and paper wireframes
GoCD, TravisCI, Nginx
Git, Docker, HadoopFS


Robotics (Arduino, OpenCV), Carpentry
Amateur Pianist
Cricket, Soccer, Ping Pong, Chess
Math, Computer Science